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Free Form® Habitat® are mix-and-apply-by-hand putties used for interior and exterior sculpting and theming applications. Habitat® is solvent-free and contains no VOCs. Habitat® Black is certified "aquarium safe" and used by aquariums to create hyper-realistic coral and other aquarium displays. Habitat® Fire Safe is high density and certified flame resistant (E84, Class A). Habitat® Flex FR is certified flame resistant (E84, Class A) and is used to create display elements that are semi-rigid and extremely tough.

Free Form® SCULPT surface can be made smooth with Free Form Detailer®. While Sculpting - Mist Detailer® onto putty surface. Detailer® keeps putty from sticking to sculpting tools and...

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Fold Habitat® Folding Powder into epoxy putty to thicken and reduce sag when applied to a vertical surfaces. Folding Powder also reduces stickiness and makes the epoxy more handle-able....

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Create hyper-realistic coral and other aquarium displays or use for general sculpting and theming applications. Free Form® Habitat® Black is also an excellent repair cement and bonds...

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Two part sculptable epoxy clay that requires no firing and will self-cure in a short time to an extremely hard and durable state with virtually no shrinkage. Free Form® SCULPT is 30%...

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